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Adobe CS5, the award-winning online training provider of computer skills education for consumers, businesses and schools, announces the release of 12 courses covering the products in the Adobe Creative Suite 5 released.

Course topics include
Adobe Photoshop CS5,
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5,
Adobe Flash CS5,
Adobe Illustrator CS5,
Adobe InDesign CS5,
Adobe After Effects CS5,
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5,
Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5,
Adobe Fireworks CS5,
Adobe Encore CS5,

and Adobe Bridge CS5 tutorials.

10 percent of the tutorials in each of these courses are free to non-members. now has over 24 hours of Adobe CS5 training available, with more being released in the coming weeks. The CS5 courses augment the already over 340 Adobe Creative Suite courses in the Online Training Library®, from early CS versions, CS2, CS3, and CS4 titles. On April 30, will be releasing over 75 hours of additional CS5 training.

“We have worked tirelessly to complete this training in tandem with Adobe’s release dates,” said Lynda Weinman, co-founder of “Our goal is to help Adobe CS5 users to get up to speed on all the applications in this collection of top Adobe products, and to help others with making upgrading decisions. Our course selection underscores our commitment to providing high-quality video training content for a wide range of Creative Suite users, no matter what version, including those wanting to learn on the go with our free iPhone App.”

“Adobe Creative Suite 5 brings an impressive array of features to the table designed to help creative minds and business professionals bring their ideas to life,” said Lea Hickman, senior director, design and web segment at Adobe. “ online training shows our customers just how many new elements are available in CS5 that covers 64-bit performance, integration with Adobe Flash Catalyst, importing RED r3d Files, and the Mercury Playback Engine.” New Features titles explore the latest basic to advanced tools and techniques within the CS5 version of each Adobe Creative Suite product. Topics include exploring the interface and tools, explaining each key feature, and describing the software’s capabilities and significant improvements over previous versions. Adobe CS5 Essential Training titles delve deeper into these features using example projects to demonstrate techniques, improve workflow, and much more.

To view the free segments of all the Adobe Creative Suite training tutorials, please visit Adobe CS5 Tutorials and Training.

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Adobe After Effects CS5 New Creative Techniques
2 hrs 37 min
Topics include:

– Reviewing After Effects’ 64-bit system requirements
– Mastering the new Roto Brush tool plus Refine Matte
– Warping with FreeForm
– Motion tracking with mocha version 2
– Matting with mocha shape, including adding motion blur
– Extruding in 3D with Repousse
– Importing RED footage
– Using Color Finesse and updated blending modes

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Adobe After Effects CS5 New Features
1 hrs 21 min
Topics include:

– Comparing Adobe After Effects CS4 and CS5
– Working in the CS5 Timeline
– Importing RED footage
– Selecting with the Roto Brush tool
– Optimizing performance and memory usage in a 64-bit application
– 3D image warping with Freeform AE
– Optimizing selections with the Refine Matte effect
– Changing color with Color Finesse and updated blending modes

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 New Features
1 hrs 33 min
Topics include:

– Comparing Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and CS5
– Setting up a new web site using the enhanced Site Setup dialog
– Browser Lab integration
– Working with CMS frameworks
– Using the Adobe Widget Browser
– PHP and site-specific code hinting
– Navigating in Live View

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Adobe Encore CS5 New Features
44 min
Topics include:

– Building multipage Blu-ray disc menus
– Creating an index for multipage menus
– Converting a DVD project to Flash
– Displaying subtitles in the Flash DVD player
– Importing RED video from Premiere Pro
– Publishing HD content without transcoding
– Synchronizing timelines with original frame rates
– Exporting a replication master as a DDP file

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Adobe Fireworks CS5 New Features
30 min
Topics include:

– Using document templates
– Creating compound vector shapes
– Controlling, editing, and saving strokes
– Aligning artwork with the Snap to Pixel command
– Exporting Fireworks documents as FXG files
– Performing roundtrip editing between Fireworks and Flash Catalyst
– Integrating with Device Central
– Testing the mobile compatibility of Fireworks documents

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Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 Essential Training
4 hrs 36 min
Topics include:

– Organizing a Flash Catalyst project with layers and pages
– Roundtrip editing with Photoshop and Illustrator CS5
– Sharing artwork across pages and states
– Creating data lists for repeating elements in the Design-Time Data panel
– Defining conditional parameters for an interaction
– Integrating audio and video
– Triggering state changes with interactions
– Creating custom components
– Exporting to SWF or AIR
– Placing a SWF file into an HTML page on a web site

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Adobe Flash Professional CS5 New Features
58 min
Topics include:

– Comparing Flash CS4 and Flash CS5
– Inserting modifiable cue points for video in Flash
– Editing text in the Text Layout Framework
– Embedding fonts
– Creating and editing ActionScript code snippets
– Building iPhone applications in Flash
– Performing roundtrip editing between Photoshop and Flash
– Exporting FXG files for use in Flash Catalyst
– Integrating with Flash Builder

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Adobe Illustrator CS5 New Features
1 hrs 54 min
Topics include:

– Creating complex art from basic shapes with the Shape Builder tool
– Transforming flat artwork using perspective grids and vanishing points
– Creating variable-width strokes
– Controlling dashed line length, corners, and gaps
– Creating original brushes using the Brushes panel
– Adding arrowheads to strokes
– Creating web-ready graphics, text, and slices
– Integrating with Flash Catalyst

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Adobe InDesign CS5 New Features
2 hrs 45 min
Topics include:

– Adding spanning heads over columns and splitting columns
– Using the revamped Layers panel
– Editing and customizing motion path presets
– Adding interactive features
– Controlling and managing multiple animations
– Mixing page sizes in a single document
– Publishing to a variety of Flash formats using the enhanced Export dialog
– Creating multi-state objects
– Using the new Gap tool and Gridify techniques

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Adobe Photoshop and Bridge CS5 for Photographers New Features
2 hrs 47 min
Topics include:

– Browsing and opening files from Mini Bridge
– Adding custom watermarks to photos
– Performing content-aware healing
– Sharpening, reducing noise, and adding film grain in Adobe Camera Raw
– Editing styles and effects on multiple layers at once
– Selecting with a smart radius
– Applying the HDR Toning adjustment
– Making lens corrections to adjust for distortion
– Auto straightening a photograph

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Adobe Photoshop CS5 New Features
2 hrs 47 min
Topics include:

– Performing Content-Aware Fill and spot healing
– Painting realistic brush strokes with bristle brush tips
– Blending paint with canvas colors with the Mixer Brush tool
– Selecting hair and other soft edges with fine detail or edges with sharp contrast
– Extruding 2D objects in 3D space
– Creating surrealistic and photorealistic HDR images in Merge to HDR Pro
– Simulating HDR imaging in a single photo with the HDR Toning adjustment
– Working with Mini Bridge

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Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 New Features
1 hrs 30 min
Topics include:

– Importing assets from DVDs
– Importing from tapeless formats
– Automatically finding gaps between clips
– Playing video with the Mercury Playback Engine
– Importing Adobe Story Scripts with the script-to-screen workflow
– Stacking effects and playing effects back in real time
– Working with Ultra Key
– Searching through footage using face detection
– Moving projects among Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Avid

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8 Responses to “Adobe CS5 Tutorials and Training from”

  1. Aaron M. says:

    Yeah, I’m actually working at getting a subscription for the year at work for for the Adobe CS5 tuts, but not until they get out something of worth.

    Short summaries of the new features are nice (and free, understandably)

    Hopefully Deke McClelland will be releasing some PS/AI CS5 series. And I’d like to find a good author to learn some AE/PR as well.

    Couldn’t come out fast enough, IMO.

    Current score: 3
  2. Peter J. says:

    I’ve been a member of for years and it’s worth the money. I’m already watching the Photoshop CS5 training and ready to upgrade once the software comes out. Pretty nice to learn the software before it even gets released!

    Current score: 1
  3. joni says:

    did adobe remove the flash option to export ipa files for iphone ?

    Current score: 2
  4. Aaron M. says:

    Problem for me is Deke can’t be reached. He’s like a hermit on his website; no public email address or obvious method of contact.

    I can only hope he’s doing something for PS/AI. Always liked his teaching method.

    Current score: 1
  5. Spirit says:

    Thanks Lynda

    Current score: 1
  6. dezkev says:

    What’s the use of the training being available now. On what do you practice ? CS5 will not be out till end of May 2010.
    So you watch the videos and then what ?

    Current score: 2
  7. Harry says:

    The Adobe CS5 need to convert it to Blu-Ray disc for it in Encore CS5 isit?

    Current score: 0
  8. allen says:

    I’m been on for a while and much of the tutorials are pretty good (Illustrator is a good example) – but please — gimme a break. The tutorials for Premiere Pro CS5 are awful! Awful beyond awful. And please – don’t teach me how to edit – teach me how to use the program. Its the worst tutorials I have ever seen!

    Current score: 0

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