Adobe CS5 Global Launch

Adobe CS5 global launch

Today at 15GMT Adobe hosted the Adobe CS5 global launch. It was opened by Shantanu Narayen –  the President and Chief Executive Officer of Adobe Systems Incorporated. He said: “The Adobe CS5 is a phenomenal release which enables you – our customers to create without boundaries while speeding the creative process from concept to execution. In addition to providing great design tools we also focused on helping you to achieve maximum impact by reaching the broadest number of customers possible. In fact this is the goal of Flash Player 10.1.”

The presentation was carried on by John Loiacono – Senior Vice President and General Manager of Adobe. He emphasized introduction of “Omniture content measurement and optimization services”.  Beginning his speech he said: “We are wildly excited to introduce the new version of Creative Suite, not because it is full of new great tools and features, but because these features are complemented by capability to solve real end-to-end workflow challenges. Today’s creation may start with great tools but it has grown to much more than that. Workflow consists of creation of content, delivery of the content, viewing of the content on various kinds of devices, and finally testing and optimization of the content as you begin the cycle all over again.  Omniture content measurement and optimization services will enable you to measure your contents performance either a book, an article, a web page or whatever you create on whatever device it can be used on.  Thus it is not just about creation of great content anymore, but it’s about ensuring that you can optimize the content. The first phase of this integration will appear in Adobe CS5 with much more to come”.

Also John Loiacono presented Flash Player 10.1, which “provides uncompromised viewing of expressive applications, content, video on multitude gadgets”.

For delivery of content he presented Flash Media server, Scene7 – Adobe dynamic video and image hosted service, and a new offering called Business Catalyst – the service for small to medium business, which provides integrated solution for web posting, e-mail marketing and customer analytics.

But now let’s get to the tools provided by Creative Suite5.

First of all it was mentioned that CS5 provides dramatic time saving for every-day tasks, blazing fast performance including 64-bit for Mac, entirely new mercury video engine and also “eye bleeding cool features that will make your work stand out in the crowd”.

The presentation was divided into several sections devoted to:

  • Adobe Creative Suite 5 for Design
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5 for Video Production
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5 For Web
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5 for Photography
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.1
  • Omniture Integration into Adobe CS5 Tools
  • New CS Live Online Services
  • Business Catalyst Online Business Platform for Web Designers

Now let’s have a glance at the most interesting aspects of these products as announced by Adobe.

Adobe CS5 for Design.

Adobe Evangelist Terry White demos the hottest new CS5 features for designers, including new features in Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5, InDesign CS5, and Flash Catalyst.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 provides easier selection and moving of objects. Once you have selected and removed an object you can let Photoshop fill the gap in. It will intelligently figure out what would be there if the removed object had never existed in the image and then it will fill in the space. It looks amazing and must be really time saving.
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5. One of new features presented is the possibility to easily handle dashed lines. With one tap of a button dashes which don’t line up with the corners are perfectly repositioned so that to line up with the corners.
  • CS review is one of SC life services. You can easily share your comments online right from within your application.
  • Adobe InDesign CS5. You can see your animation and videos right within your application and test them without the need to leave InDesign.
  • Adobe Flash Catalyst is a new product which provides a new way to create interactive content. You can create interactive content from your native Photoshop or Illustrator files without having to write codes. So if you are a designer you now have possibility to create your websites without a need to hire a developer.

Adobe CS5 for Production.

Adobe Evangelist Jason Levine shows off cool new CS5 features for video pros, including the powerful tools in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, After Effects CS5, and more.

  • Adobe mercury playback and rendering engine offers breakthrough performance in HD production workflow. It is developed for native 64-bit application, which is Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.
  • After affects is now a truly 64-bit application. From now how much you can RAM preview depends only on how much RAM you have on your system.
  • Rotoscoping in Adobe After Effects CS5 is much easier and faster. Revolutionary Roto Brush changes the process of rotoscoping dramatically. There is no more need to painfully slowly draw masks frame by frame – After Effects will do it for you just in seconds.
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 among other new features provides very natural and realistic painting tools.

Adobe CS5 for Web

Adobe Evangelist Greg Rewis shows off powerful new capabilities for web designers and developers in Adobe CS5, including features in Flash Professional CS5, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, Adobe Flash Builder 4, and Adobe Flash Catalyst.

  • Adobe Flash Professional CS5. Now to change contents or size of several textboxes you don’t need to do a lot of copying and pasting. You just link these textboxes together and when you shorten one of them the text flows from one textbox to another. And it works not only with roman language texts but also with vertical and right-to-left texts like Japanese.
  • Coding environment of Flash CS5 is improved. You can just click to “tell” the Flash that you would like to do your editing right there in Flash Builder 4 and Flash will hand off the code to Flash Builder 4. And when the coding is ready you just click a button to package things up and go to Flash Professional, where you can do your export. And you’re not exporting just from web anymore, but from a variety of screens, including iPhone.
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 has a lot of great new features for web-designers. One of them is that with a simple click of a button you can turn text images into real 3D objects with full control over them: you can turn them around, you can change the depth and scaling and control the texture. And all this without knowing 3D!
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 allows you to check how your page will look in targeted browsers. And the BrowserLab allows you to choose from the great variety of Browsers.

Adobe CS5 for Photography

Adobe Evangelist Julieanne Kost demos magical new Photoshop CS5 features that will be invaluable not only to photographers, but also to designers and web and video.

  • There is a new handy panel in Photoshop for browsing and viewing files.
  • Handling HDR images became much easier. For example, you can with one click delete blurred areas made by the object which were moving between exposures. And you even can choose the exposure which you want Photoshop to pull the image from.
  • Noise reduction is improved. Image maintains its detail and contrast while reducing the noise.
  • Lens correction is an interesting special effect. It allows to automatically apply correction based on a camera and a lens used.
  • There is an option of painting from photograph or from scratch. And for the first time ever you can realistically blend colors using a new mixer brush tool.
  • Puppet Warp is a new amazing tool. With it you can choose points on an object and make natural distortions.

Adobe Flash Player 10.1

Danny Winokur, senior director of business development for the Adobe Flash Platform, walks you through how Flash Player 10.1 allows your content to reach your customers wherever they are.

–          It allows the consumers to enjoy a complete web experience on a widest variety of devices than ever before – not only desktops and laptops, but also on netbooks, tablets, smart phones and even television.

Omniture Integration into Adobe CS5 Tools

Adobe senior director of product management Lea Hickman demonstrates how Adobe is delivering some of the power of Omniture to creative professionals in Adobe CS5 by integrating Omniture services directly into the creative workflow.

New CS Live Online Services

Adobe Evangelist Terry White demonstrates Adobe CS Live, a new set of five online services that accelerate key aspects of the creative workflow. CS Live online services are complimentary for a limited time.

Business Catalyst Online Business Platform for Web Designers

Adobe director of product management Bardia Housman demonstrates this new hosted application for building and managing online businesses.

Adobe CS5 – User Video

In the end of the presentation John Loiacono summarized: “With CS5 you have the tools, let’s see what you can do with them”

Adobe Creative Suite 5 (CS5) Family

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43 Responses to “Adobe CS5 Global Launch”

  1. meh says:

    Photoshop, Photoshop, Photoshop… will Adobe ever try to advertise for something else?

    Current score: 3
  2. Bob says:

    Wow the dude with the Muttonchops is a huge douche. Like maybe the biggest douche I’ve ever seen. CS5 is great, but he’s WAY too excited about it. And if Adobe keeps trying to sell their products with people like that I may just quit buying them…

    Also I find it funny that the promo is made up of a bunch of 3D graphics that were clearly not made with Adobe Software.

    Current score: 8
  3. DUI Lawyer says:

    Photoshop CS5 looks awesome, hopefully will be upgrading as soon as the new version is out

    Current score: 1
  4. I just want to try out the new Photoshop features. And I need a faster Lightroom.

    Current score: 0
  5. iozk says:

    and when will already for download?

    Current score: 2
  6. DIEGO says:

    Cuando sale??? o ya sali?? donde descargo la version TRIAL???

    Current score: 0
  7. personman says:

    Please call the new Flash Player number “11”.
    And the Soundbooth upgrade shouldn’t be $99, it should be $2.

    Current score: 5
  8. Anderson Sousa says:

    Do someone know how is the size and speed of CS5, because CS4 got me crazy with that lazyness. thnx

    Current score: 0
  9. brijesh says:

    Just want to try flash CS5 and Flash Catalyst…to figure out if it really do what they claimed…..

    Current score: 1
  10. hoji says:

    Some truly well thought out features for the design premium cs5 package. Can’t wait to get my hands on it! I hope photoshop comes with additional path features & support. I use them a fair bit and it seems cs3 & 4 overlooked a lot of potential efficiency additions to the tools.

    Current score: 1
  11. Cristi Antohi says:

    When did you ever herd Adobe giving free software at least once in a while? Ok guys, we’re giving away 1000 CS3 compelte package software, randomly, to help the designers out there. And the fact that an company that rols billions of $ chosed a .org domain, it make you wonder where this greed and non-partake true action to help us the designers is going to end. Now, I wonder about it…:”…established in January 1985. It was originally intended for non-profit organizations or organizations of a non-commercial ” extract form Wikipedia.

    Where Adobe does fit the description?
    You guys destroyed Jasc PSP, wher eyou could do as much for less than $200. And now you;re complaining about extreme prices over Adobe? Adobe is just a business, but you as designers make it happen :)


    Current score: 3
  12. kevin says:

    Amazing, simply awesome… Cannot wait

    Current score: 1
  13. Ben Jones says:

    man.. I’ve never seen such a bunch of hard to please cry babies in my entire life. It looks awesome.. quit your whinging.

    Current score: 6
  14. Sorin says:

    The thing is – they have no competition. And if i want to upgrade Premiere – well – other that 64bit native and mercury engine – nothing – and they expect me to pay the full upgrade price. I have only bought it a few months back – come on … this all should be only a major update – not a whole new product.
    Not happy at all … GREED!

    Current score: 1
  15. Stylus says:

    Where on earth is Audition CS5? Soundbooth is rubbish!

    Current score: 0
  16. Iain says:

    It looks awesome, can’t wait to have a go with it myself!

    Current score: 1
  17. Cristy says:

    Will adobe ever launch a 3D software ?:(

    Current score: 3
  18. Cristi Antohi says:

    You cant wait for what? Buy it? Or just simply download it cracked version a month after release?

    Current score: 4
  19. lifeh2o says:

    CS5 adopted these features from other tools that are already available.
    Content Aware fill – – Teorex Inpaint
    New Illustrator Features – – The Tab (

    I have not seen all of the videos, but i think i will find more things like above 2 examples

    Current score: 1
  20. Why does everybody have to be kill joys?
    These new features are great wherever the inspiration for them came from.

    I owe my livelihood to Adobe. Many of you probably do to, so show some props.

    Current score: 3
  21. saswat (Dilu- India) says:


    Current score: 2
  22. Big D says:

    This is wicked sick man great jobs on these new feature’s. but where is Audition CS5. Taking way too long for that to happen man.

    Current score: 0
  23. Prizm says:

    Sorry, been burned too many times with Premiere to be excited about Premiere CS5. Every release is sluggish, bloated and buggy.

    I’ve just recently switched to Vegas and it has all the same features, except in an interface that is actually zippy and fast to use. I don’t care what new formats CS5 supports, if the interface is as sluggish to use as all the previous versions, you’ve failed.

    Current score: 0
  24. Prizm says:

    The question is, if Premiere CS5 is now fully 64-bit, what happens to our 32-bit plugins?

    Current score: 3
  25. Rob says:

    I like the new improvements, but I have to agree with most here, Adobe’s pricing strategy is WAAAAAAAAAYY overboard for their new introductions. The only reason I can purchase the new stuff is because my job pays for them. If I were on my own, I’m afraid I would have to go with another product.

    Current score: 0
  26. John says:

    Why didn’t you include ATI support for mercury playback engine? you know that you didn’t support it to support Nivdea cards. Shame on you Adobe. Do you think that I will part my beloved ATI for you suit?!!!!! Shame on you!!!

    Current score: 1
  27. wtf says:

    WTF If you launch something shouldn’t it be available immediately, not in the immediate future?

    Current score: 2
  28. Chris says:

    I agree with the ATI complaint.. Creative Suites in general function pretty good on any ATI hardware I have but any rich media like Flash.. heck no.. buggy and unable to decipher null codes for access to system hardware. This suite looks promising and I have always loved Adobe products but you guys need to get your heads on straight about ATI support because almost every third new PC on the market includes ATI hardware and Flash is loosing market share. Once HTML5 rolls out.. goodbye flash.

    Current score: 1
  29. stevodevo says:

    I make my living using CS3 Web. I’ll upgrade to the master collection as it’s been knocked down $300 from previous upgrade pricing using my own money…and I’m not well off by any means. While Adobe ignores user feedback sometimes I don’t relish using another design suite.

    Yeah the launch videos were total cheese and over-hyped. Mutton-chop douche should be selling sham-wow’s instead. My intelligence was offended.

    Current score: 0
  30. Cristi Antohi says:

    What other products to turn to? Thanks to incredible idiotic and moronistic stunt Corel pulled on Jasc PSP waht other options are thee to at least compete near by with Adobe? I can only wonder what was going through it’s original developing team and owner, when they realized what Corel turned into Jasc software? Jasc 8 wast the last best shot to compete, then they got out Corelized PSP 9…

    One can only wonder who and what deals made for this to just happen…

    Current score: 0
  31. Aadil says:

    Wow… This is just so cool….

    All you guys cribbing about the stuff that is already there or how the video is created… stop cribbing & start thinking about what is being said in the video…

    things that adobe is promising to deliver with its new release are definitely awesome & are going to help you in some or the other way….

    I am pretty sure at some point of time.. you all have used adobe products & they have helped you achieve the effects or design what you had always expected….

    hats off to you adobe…

    Current score: 0
  32. amigastar says:

    Hey Adobe, just give us a decent Colorwheel. Then i’m good to go.

    Current score: 1
  33. Nors says:

    Amazing! Awesome features!

    Current score: 0
  34. Bhepler says:

    So if CS5 is not available for download yet. Why did they take CS4 trials down. I have a new mac and NO SOFTWARE for two weeks!!!

    Current score: 2
  35. lok says:

    Wow! amazing new features from one & only Adobe. I love it. I have to upgrade my OS into 64Bit and utilize full features of CS5.
    Thanks ABOBE TEAM.

    Current score: 0
  36. Tuxmonkey says:

    Adobe needs to release its software on Linux! A great many people are barred into using far inferior alternatives to Creative Suite software if they use the Linux system. One must currently choose between a good operating system, or a splendid creative design set. And in truth, apart from a few who are thoroughly welded to Adobe products, most are willing to deal with alternative softwares so long as they do not need to deal with limited operating systems.

    Current score: 0
  37. summer says:

    so when is the software actually ready?

    Current score: 2
  38. BOOYA says:

    @Bob, They can do that with After Effects. They have time, you know.

    Current score: 1
  39. Dirk says:

    Wow, honestly… these Videos are even lamer than the Apple Keynotes. Those guys either seem like they are selling me a CDO or they are close to ejaculating… the Production guy should lay off the coke.

    There is some nice features but I have to agree about the pricing policy. Why update for features you can live without at these update prices. Who has the money with these update cycles to buy every update and CS1 users can now buy the full version since they are too old school… thanks.

    I think you should accept every user who paid for your software as a legitimate upgrader like it used to be but I see you are just doing the same as every other software company who like every bank and telephone company seems to give sh** about existing users and rather get loads of new ones with ridiculously overhyped ads like those up here.

    Current score: 0
  40. Teacher says:

    Adobe is the true MASTER!

    After Effects new feature most best from all!!!

    Current score: 0
  41. Rick says:

    Wow… This is just so cool….

    All you guys cribbing about the stuff that is already there or how the video is created… stop cribbing & start thinking about what is being said in the video…

    things that adobe is promising to deliver with its new release are definitely awesome & are going to help you in some or the other way….

    I am pretty sure at some point of time.. you all have used adobe products & they have helped you achieve the effects or design what you had always expected….

    hats off to you adobe…

    Current score: 0
  42. cheap ghd says:

    Thus it is not just about creation of great content anymore, but it’s about ensuring that you can optimize the content. The first phase of this integration will appear in Adobe CS5 with much more to come”.

    Current score: 0
  43. azrull says:

    I do agree about Tuxmonkey idea regarding Adobe on Linux. Adobe should realize that there is many people out there using Linux OS. If they can make it on few software like Flash plugin on Linux, why don’t they do similar development onto their major products? Why they have to cap their market on Mac and Windows only?

    Current score: 0

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