Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 – Mercury Playback Engine Sneak Peek

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 - Mercury Playback Engine Sneak Peek
A discussion with Dave Helmly on Digital Audio Video hardware solutions for Adobe`s video and audio application, he give us a sneak peek at some new technology for an upcoming release of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

Adobe Mercury Playback Engine is a total gamer changer for NLE users allowing an “off the shelf” nvidia graphics card to handle the heavy requirements of today’s HD workflows also allows users to get more power from their CPUs. By using GPU and CPU in parallel, you get unbelievable performance running in a clean 64 bit operating system. Remember, all future versions of Premiere (Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and Adobe After Effects CS5 or CS “Next”) are 64-bit only OSX 10.6 or 64-bit edition of Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7. By running in parallel, the CPU can take over tasks where the GPU isn’t used.


Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 – Mercury Playback Engine Sneak Peek – Part 1


Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 – Mercury Playback Engine Sneak Peek – Part 2

Dave Helmly Blog – DAV’s TechTable
Adobe’s Mercury Playback Engine – web page


Adobe Mercury Playback Engine & Nvidia Quadro

Obin Olsen, Nvidia, Dv3 Productions, demonstrates how the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine fueled by Quadro enables fluid playback in real-time.


Adobe Mercury Playback Engine & Video Encoding

See how GPU-accelerated video encoding to Blu-ray, DVD, and Flash formats are faster with effects that are rendered in real-time on the Quadro GPU.


Adobe Mercury Playback Engine & Picture-in-Picture

Apply dynamic Picture-in-Picture with multiple video layers in real-time and insert multiple video formats including RED 4K, ultra-high-definition video footage.


Adobe Mercury Playback Engine & Keying Effects

Learn how you can easily replace a background with multiple effects in real-time and preview and composite effects across multiple video layers.


Adobe Mercury Playback Engine & Overlays and Compositing

Composite multiple layers of HD video with overlays in real time, refine effects-rich sequences, and enjoy smooth scrubbing.


Adobe Mercury Playback Engine & Color Correction

Apply Color Correction to multi-layered, multiple streams of RED 4K footage plus experience real-time results with smooth, fluid scrubbing in real-time.


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  1. Travis says:

    The pop quiz question is…will Mac users get this same effect? It looks wonderful; however, I just purchase the now Sony HXR-NX5U camcorder with the NXCAM 128GB Flash Memory Unit (both utilizes the AVCHD files) and I want to know will I get the same…smooth file importing/capturing of my footage into CS5? Or do I have to go through an extra step?

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  2. I listened in on Adobe’s 64bit workflow for Premiere Pro and After Effects webcast yesterday. They indicated that not only will both of these applications be only 64bit (this was known), but Media Encoder would be 64bit as well. Additionally, they indicated that the 64bit Windows versions will not run on XP64 due to its architectural limitations and only be supported on Vista and Win 7. They did not elaborate on the Mac requirements, though I would imagine that this would isolate it to 10.6 or higher.

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  3. Ryan Brady says:

    Can’t wait till I can edit footage from my 5DmkII realtime. I hope they dont require quadros. They are expensive and slow. My Geforce GTX260 has 300mb more memory, 24 more stream processors, and 10gb per second more memory bandwidth than the quadro he reviewed with. And it only cost $240, instead of $1400 for the slower Quadro 4800.

    If they pull some “you have to buy a Quadro because its better” I might go crazy.

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  4. Kujtim says:

    This feature is awesome.. Six years ago I took a decision to stick with Premiere, and not switch to FCP, even there was a Mac next to me (I don’t know why but I don’t like Mac). I believed that Adobe will find a way to improve Premiere and make it a pro program. And I was not wrong. Premiere got better and better.
    CS5 will have a good chance to be a much stronger competitor. IMO Adobe should think seriously to offer a solution for professional CC. If they do so (with a couple other things like audio timecode etc) with the help of AE and PS, Premiere could become the first NLE of choice for most pro editors.

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  5. Rich says:

    Very cool stuff here, for those people worried about the cost of the Quadro 4800, I purchased one on eBay for $700, it was new but a Dell OEM version – it functions, looks and works exactly the same as any other model.

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  6. The Mac and PC will have the same 64bit goodness and the MPE acceleration through cuda will also be there.
    I’ve been editing with these on both platforms, in fact you feature my videos from the NVIDIA website (thank you). These are real use cases and the system is amazing in its capabilities.

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  7. Alexander says:

    Does anyone know if Nvidia Tesla C1060 can be used with CS5? It supports double precision calculations like Quadro.

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  8. Willia says:

    Would like to know if Premiere Pro CS5 would support real time play back in timeline with uncompressed targa files. And also exporting a movie will be boosted (Exporting it faster). Card Used – GeForce 9800 GT

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  9. aaron says:

    hey Adobe, I was about to jump ship! you have saved me, now can you make the update from cs4 PR to CS5 PR less than 300$? thanks for the hard work!

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  10. Chuck says:

    I have been watching the New CS5. I have not heard anything about Sony HDCAM, how well will the Mercury engine work with Sony’s formats

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  11. Perkins says:

    Quadro 4800 costs around ?1200 that is very expensive unless you are a gamer. not sure??

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  12. Shibin says:

    Awsome.. cant wait to get cs5 !

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  13. Frank says:

    So Adobe is going to lock us into nVidia hardware?

    GREAT. Thanks loads Adobe! /s

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  14. Paul says:

    Thanks but we’re still confused. For anyone to appropriate the “CUDA” tradename as Mercury does, there is the inherent implication that the engine will make use of the CUDA GPU architecture as it scales from the high-end to the low-end of the nVidia product line. It would only be a predatory, anti-competitive behavior for nVidia and Adobe to collude with an agreement to specify which CUDA graphic card models “flick on” for Mercury, rather than to open up Mercury’s GPU capabilities in accordance with the open-ended CUDA spec (e.g., the use of TMPGEnc Xpress and vReveal engages GPU acceleration for any CUDA model number).

    Bottom line, nothing (including this blog entry) has answered to anyone’s satisfaction the question of whether all CUDA-compatible nVidia GPU model numbers, OTHER THAN those few listed, have been “flicked off” from Mercury’s playback engine to tap in for acceleration. I am shocked to find this reality all-around so close to the release date, barring of course the collusion that I suspect.

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  15. Stefan says:

    What about ATI?

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  16. BOB says:


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  17. Linda Nelson says:

    Two of the demos include footage from our film which we are currently editing in CS5 Beta. It is so fast, we still can’t believe the difference. Amazing to go from the camera to the timeline, add some color correction, effects, etc. and still not even have to render. We are accessing 4K RED files, so you can’t test much tougher than that.

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  18. Josh says:

    After watching the second video “Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 – Mercury Playback Engine Sneak Peek – Part 2″ at 2:14 into it he turns of the Mercury playback engine. The option says Cuda Accelerated Renderer. What that means exactly who knows.

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  19. CS5 fan says:

    Well I read from adobe labs site few weeks backwards. That GTX 285 is supported they did not mention wheter they will add support for GTX 470 or 480 yet .. they might. Why cuda only you ask. Well the adobe spoke’s person said that when they started development only cude was mature enough. (that is what i recall anyways.

    So you should get same power for 350? or so by getting the GTX 285.

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  20. John F says:

    What about the stability issues associated with the nVidia drivers in Windows 7? I have always found that no matter how much faster each version of Premiere has become it is the stability that costs far more time!

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  21. P-H says:

    Can I use ny Quadro FX 18?

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  22. Thomas says:

    Why forget the ATI graphics platform?
    It’s huge and there must be someone who think the efforts worth to make proper drivers at least for HD48XX, HD58XX and HD59XX or is it just about attitude from some of you. In that case it stinks
    Hope I’m wrong!

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  23. PlayStation says:

    Mercury engine … too few cards supported. But heh … install premiere and look into directory. There’s txt file named “CudaSupportedCards.txt” Simply add your nvidia card and check effect. Card must have CUDA and at least 768Mb RAM. My GTX 275 896Mb works PERFECTLY. There are positive responses about 260 cards.

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  24. PlayStation says:

    Ok, guys. I’ve tested premiere on GTX275 in different ways and found some good and bad.

    1. DV video runs smooth up to 8-9 layers. more layers runs jerky (HDD limitations). effects applied kills yellow line to red very quickly, but it runs much faster than CS4 did anyway.

    2. Canon EOS 5 mark2 mov-files decoded by CPU, not GPU. so it’s smooth for 1 layer on my core2duo 8200. adding more layers kills CPU in seconds. But you may use a huge number of the same clip stacked up. I’ve stacked 16 layers of the same physical file with different opacity, transfer modes, rotation and position. this crazy kaleidoscope runs as smooth as single layer does, but all clips must be in sync.

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  25. Santanu says:

    Premiere CS5
    Win 7 64 bit
    Quadro FX4800
    16 GB RAM

    All fine.

    But nobody is talking about hard disks/ raid 0. Have they become redundant with mercury playback?

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  26. Perparim Peposhi says:

    Hello! I’d like to know does Premire Pro Cs 5 RTX 2 LE card Thanks

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  27. PlayStation says:

    “But nobody is talking about hard disks/ raid 0. Have they become redundant with mercury playback?”

    looks like you don’t make difference between videocard and hdd. have you ever disassembled one? think before asking! mercury doesn’t accelerate hdd, so if you are about to edit multiple hi bitrate layers you might need real hdd performance, maybe several separate RAID’s to read data without stuttering

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  28. johndeer says:

    Forget Ati! Nvidia & Adobe say so, buy Nvidia Quadro for at least $1200 and be happy!

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  29. PlayStation says:

    bying Quadro (for $1200 only) you make happy nVidia, not yourself.

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  30. Santanu says:

    “looks like…maybe several separate RAID’s to read data without stuttering”

    This means for multiple streams you still need compressed/uncompressed data from cineform, decklink, SAS or multiple RAID combination

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