Adobe Photoshop CS5 – “White Rabbit”

adobe photoshop cs5 white rabbitAt Adobe Photoshops 20th Anniversary event in San Francisco Kevin Connor, Senior Director of Product Management for Adobe conducted alive demonstration of “Content Aware Fill” ( PatchMatch) functionality in the Adobe Photoshop CS5  code name “White Rabbit”. This functionality was demonstrated in removing a person who was standing against a wall. Rather than the background color showing through it auto filled with the texture of the wall. Another demo was conducted with an imprecise panoramic photo that had been stitched together. Empty areas were automatically filled in between and around the completed stitched photo.  Watch the video.


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  1. Photoshop says:

    Ah yes, the White Rabbit, from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The one best known for muttering “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!” :-)

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  2. Aaron M. says:

    I owe all those guys a beer!

    I hope Adobe is taking good care of the people who are so intrinsic to the development of its flagship products.

    Love me some Photoshop! Hopefully, you guys will have news regarding Illustrator, After Effects, and other popular CS5 products here.

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  3. Khalil says:

    Holy c**p! That is so awesome! Content-aware is the future of photo manipulation!

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  4. Amro says:

    Regards. actually I have a question: What the differece betweeb PS CS5 and White rabbit?

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  5. Devian says:

    @Amro White Rabbit is just the codename for the pre-release version. When it comes out, it’ll probably just be called PS CS5.

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  6. suskisoul empire says:


    ( white rabbit ) is very nice..
    really i am happy to know something like that…

    thanks a lot ..


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