Adobe CS5 release date – April 21-22

A digital printing conference in Texas is advertising that Adobe will be announcing a new product that’s part of its ‘signature suite’ in April. Further details were not announced but the event’s website says that that this is a brand new application.

Listed as an ‘Adobe Technology Preview’ by Noha Edell, business development manager for cross media publishing solutions at Adobe, the site for the Emerge conference in San Antonio on April 21-22 says that “Adobe will unveil a brand new application as part of its signature suite of services. Be among the first to see why this is sure to surprise even the most “in the know” Adobe fans”.

Adobe CS5 release date

Adobe’s “signature suite” is a clear reference to the Adobe Creative Suite. There’s no indication if the new product is part of the next version of Adobe Creative Suite 5 ( CS5 ), but Adobe is well known to work to an 18-month release schedule – and April 2010 is 18 months since the release of Adobe Creative Suite 4.

It’s also not necessarily a creative tool – though it is listed under the ‘Design’ stream of seminars – and considering where the launch is happening, could well be a new version of Acrobat.

As we have reported earlier: Piper Jaffray: Adobe CS5 will ship in April 2010




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  1. avraham says:

    That’s exciting! Hope you’re right cause i’m looking forward for the cs5 suite.

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  2. Glenn Williams says:

    well thats sounds interesting. hope it’s correct. sounds like it’s something that hasnt been talked about before. its got me wondering anway

    tinylion uk

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  3. Matthew Fabb says:

    Adobe always has presentations with the press and the user groups about the latest Creative Suite before the product ships. It’s possible that this isn’t the shipping date, but just when Adobe plans to unveil all the details about CS5.

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  4. Camilo Lopez says:

    Cann’t wait for it!!! thank you so much guys.

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  5. Aaron M. says:

    I’m confused.

    Right now I have CS3 Web Premium, and I wanted to see what I’d be charged for upgrading to Production Premium CS5.

    But I didn’t think AE CS5 would be ready in April….

    More details, por favor, Adobe.

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  6. Jeff says:

    So, should I buy Adobe Captivate 4 now… should I buy the Elearning suite now???

    Or should I wait till April??

    Any news on Captivate 5?
    Thanks for the replys

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  7. Maybe they ditched Version Cue and made something half decent? :)

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  8. Hunter says:

    Normally, there IS a “grace period”

    The “grace period,” that I was referring to is the purchase of, in this case, CS4, just prior to the release of CS5. Historically, with a smallish window in time, where the newer upgrade is offered free to those who qualify. IIRC, that window has been about 30 days, prior to the official release of the newer version. Many software companies do similar. That is what I was referring to, and assumed that the OP was, as well.

    Now, Adobe has done “pre-sells” for some programs, so I do not know how this might affect things. Again, only the product marketing folk can definitively comment. Mine are just speculation, based on decades of using Adobe products. Still, I do not recall having ever purchased an upgrade, within the time frame to get the new one free. I usually upgrade much earlier, and just use the new program. When a newer one comes out, I study it, and then decide if I really need that.

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  9. Dean Lockwood says:

    I would bet this is final release of Flash Catalyst, which Adobe currently has in Beta 2 status. It is a brand new app.

    Not technically a product you would introduce at a printing conference, though. Hmmm…

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  10. Aaron M. says:

    All I know is that Adobe is under the licensing process that you can only be 2 versions behind in order to qualify for an upgrade.

    When I got PS CS, I bought a copy of PS 6 on Windows and the upgrade, and basically got a full working version of a retail license of PS for about $250USD.

    Now, Adobe requires you to be no more than 2 versions behind, which works out well, since I’m on CS3, and want to upgrade to CS5. The only problem is, we are about 2 months out from a supposed release, and there’s next to NO information on what Adobe is releasing.

    Very confusing. This doesn’t build anticipation, it makes me worried that it won’t be coming out in April.

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  11. Rob says:

    “it makes me worried that it won’t be coming out in April.”

    Why are you worried?

    First, Adobe itself has not in any way confirmed an April release date. What we have here is a suggestion that information might be forthcoming in April. Nothing more.

    Second, Adobe usually announces a new Creative Suite release one month before it ships. They don’t release extensive information any sooner than that. There is no cause for worry or panic. All signs point to a CS5 release sometime in late spring, but no official dates have been announced.

    Now, with CS4 they actually pre-announced the announcement by about a month, meaning that the pre-announcement was about two months before the actual ship date. They could do that again, which would result in a June release.

    As for the new app being teased, it surely can’t be Flash Catalyst as that is available as a beta download and is in no way a surprise.

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  12. Fynn J. says:

    The jump between CS4 and CS5 seems to be much larger than CS3 and CS4, anticipating the release of the new suit like never before.

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  13. Aaron M. says:

    We knew about CS3 (the version I have) MONTHS ahead of it’s release date. I don’t know the semantics around the CS4 release.

    As with video games, 2 months out is the prime time to start building hype for the release of the product.

    I personally don’t think Adobe is going to release in Spring, because I can’t see them getting other products that would be part of the packaging, like After Effects CS5, ready by that time frame.

    Either way, quality assurance is going to be a big issue here.

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  14. Joseph says:

    Really looking forward to the launch of CS5 – I hope the price will be not dash my hopes of owning it.

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  15. Bob says:

    If there is indeed a new program from Adobe, I would hope it would be something that could turn an InDesign documents into an interactive digital magazine.

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  16. Parthib Biswas says:


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  17. Mike says:

    I hope to see a new dreamweaver with ADDT function integrated in server behaviour, but I think that cs5 will be another useless flash suite (Creative Flash Suite CS5)

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  18. WindsorJ says:

    CS4 is a trash, I hope CS5 can fix those bugs and running as fast as cs3.

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    The best part is CS5 is Compatible with Windows 7. But it will take at-least 3 to 4 months to understand the product known issues. . . .. .

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  20. Photoshop CS5 says:

    can’t wait sounds so cool I wanna buy Photoshop CS5 because CS4 is too slow on my 3 computers!!!!

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  21. susan says:

    I’ve been teaching Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign for many years.

    Most people only use about 10% of these program’s capabilities and features at best and don’t need to have the latest version. I usually find that Adobe gives us a few big-ticket new toys with each upgrade, to make them tempting to buy, and as a teacher I have to have the newest version and know the latest features, but most people don’t need to upgrade every 18 months.

    I like the idea someone had above, of upgrading every other version, or about once every 3 years. That would work very well for most people. I know two professionals still using Photoshop 7!!! Now that’s funky, and they’re missing out on some really nice features, like Bridge and camera raw, but still, they can get their work done. I don’t even want to think how old their computers must be…

    With all the whining about price, I find them to be amazing creative tools, and I’m very grateful to have them. They enrich my life considerably and I have a lot of respect for the minds that create such sophisticated and, for the most part, well-thought-out products.

    When Adobe does an upgrade, the learning curve is very gentle. I usually sit down with some tutorials and quickly get up to speed. In the bad old days of Macromedia, every time they upgraded Flash and Dreamweaver, I had to learn HUGE chunks of their programs all over again, because they totally changed them, and the old ways of doing things didn’t work at all. Actionscript? Meh! I think I’ve learned it five separate times now. Thanks a lot. It makes me all the more admiring of Adobe.

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  22. I would bet my life regarding this one…
    Would you believe me?
    Purchase the CS4 version now and you’ll get the CS5 on the next month…APRIL 12!! OK?
    APRIL 12!!!!

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  23. If you’ll not believe me then don’t… Adobe will released CS5 on April 12, 2010…
    mark you calendars….

    APRIL 12!!!!!!!!!!!!

    APRIL 12!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I can predict the future,,,
    Hey, dude!!! mark my word.. April 12 is the exact date….
    Believe me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  24. Êàòÿ says:

    Â Ðîññèè òîæå âñå ñ íåòåðïåíèåì æäóò CS5!

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  25. Lennon says:

    I have heard that there will NOT be an upgrade from CS3 or CS4 to CS5. I have heard that if you want CS5, then you must purchase the whole suite again. Anyone else heard this? I bet that is going to make a lot of people pretty mad! And Susan, you aren’t complaining about the price of the Suite because you are a teacher and get that huge discounted price! LOL!

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  26. Jenni says:

    There will be upgrades from CS3 and CS4 to CS5. You won’t need to buy the whole thing again.

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  27. @susan:
    you must be working for Adobe…

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  28. Hector Irias says:

    I hope the new application is something like cssedit bundled in with dreamweaver. That would fill a gap that is in desperate need of filling.

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  29. NicholasC says:

    I’m hoping it’s going to be announcing the release of the new much-hyped, Adobe mercury engine: Realtime editing and compositing of SD and HD in Premiere, as long as you have a CUDA enabled Quadro graphics card.

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  30. Rob says:

    A blog post from an Adobe employee regarding the Creative Suite upgrade policies:

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  31. Alovato says:

    Right now I,m good at using CS4, probably better at using CS5 when it comes in. Its about time!!!

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  32. John says:

    Hey! I really dont know about the release date, but some pages are saying that the release date is in OCTOBER!!! please give us more info, but official info.

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  33. Oleg Savkin says:

    _For many people in Russia this soft is not affordable!
    _I myself will aplying Ps and in very waiting for a new version of it.
    _Many thanks to the team of Adobe Systems!!!

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  34. bubibubi says:

    The only thing im waiting is Flash CS5 with announced iPhone compiling native apps as a target platform … but i think that was full-of-crap hype rather than pure reality … in the other hand especially photoshop with any greater CS release become bloated more and more … it become so fat that one day will become unusable …

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  35. Limmex says:

    Adobe CS5 will be worth a look I’m sure, perhaps the new application is 3D related? If any good I might consider upgrading from CS3.

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  36. For me, Photoshop is my keyboard and entities and scenes that form on my screen are the novel. Teaching the program and making those discoveries was an unexpected, but highly appreciated. Now we will explore, when an idea is pieced togehter in the imagination, what does it look like !

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