A Sneak peek into Adobe Photoshop CS5

Adobe Photoshop CS5 tecnoligies

The video shows a selection of features that are being developed by ‘Photoshop Labs’, including Painter-style brushes, a new warp tool and more.

The new brush tools aim to match that found within Corel’s Painter application. The video shows ‘wet’ paints being smudged, smeared and blended. It also shows an on-screen representation of the 3D properties of a brush, showing how it has been twisted to lay down different stroke types.

A similar system After Effects’ Puppet tool has been added to Photoshop CS5, enabling artists to warp image by placing pins into areas to lock them down, then moving the areas around them. An overlaid grid shows how the image is warped.



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  1. Ashley says:

    Loving it. And many of the suggestions are great.

    Agree with the perspective to some extent about no need for the
    paint mixer, Wacom included Corel Painter…EXCEPT THAT…the fangirl
    in me says…Adobe does it better…not to mention I feel more at home in my Adobe window. And then I doon’t know if this is that same fangirl…but my Adobe output by comparison has always exceeded any application. For a large part, I can look at an image and know right off that it wasn’t done in Photoshop…usually saddens me when you can see the clear talent their imitation of an editor is restraining their work. Industry standard for a reason.

    Adobe is a great at so much. I definitely agree with bridging/leaping…but I also know only so much is doable and the variable masses continue to want “more”…

    Oh and David, if by color picker, you mean the dropper…

    Hotkey= alt

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  2. Dreamerv3 says:

    Yes this will force an upgrade.

    Life doesn’t stand still, deal or go home.

    The patchmantool is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    Do you KNOW, how many hours this will save me?

    The man moves a tower from one part of the house to another part seamlessly!!!

    I can now move trees around in my landscapes without all the work I normally might have had to do. Matte painting and background plate design will be revolutionized!!!

    I’m sorry for all of you “hardcore” users.
    Quality isn’t uncompromising literalism.
    I went to college too, but I know how to
    deal with change.

    Water cuts through rock, not the other way around. If you like the relative solidness of acting like a rock. Don’t be surprised when market forces, like erosion forces start eating away at your bottom line. Don’t be surprised when they split you in half.

    Beware hardcore, hardliners…
    Change is constant, evolve or die.
    Become comfortable in insecurity, in change, the alternative is painful and dramatic decline. Try to see past your own self imposed limitations.

    If you think quad core is special I have news for you, quad core is dying out.

    Think 12 core for the next 5 years, think 16 core for the next cycle. Think Artificial intelligence automating your workflows, learn how to harness photoshop’s automation.

    If you’re stuck in manual mode, you’ll die
    in manual mode and be found fossilized in
    manual mode.

    You probably don’t use all the potential processor time you have access to.

    Does your computer work while you sleep?
    If the answer is no, then you’re wasting your own money.

    Great job Adobe, keep doing your thing.

    You want to make a whole lot of us savvy users happy? Redo the actions system as a graphed node editor workflow. That would rock!

    And Conditional logic, IF, AND, OR, NOT.
    For extra points, add For Loops.

    It would be nice if you were more active in the opensource world.


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  3. Dreamerv3 says:

    My apologies…

    My comment is aimed at the same people
    however it’s in reference to the features
    shown below:


    Not the Toys shown above, although the bones tool is kindof nice.

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  4. ewokewok says:

    is there going to be proper thumbnail preview support for .abr files?

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  5. Here is what I would like to see in CS5 but probably won’t

    1. Built in method to offer Adobe feeback on photoshop – I want to have input on what you should keep and add to the program
    2. Build in genuine fractals like features so I can enlarge my images more and with better quality
    3. Noise ninja like software – noise reduction in Camera is good, but not as good as noise ninja
    4. Leave extract filter in!!!!!
    5. Leave contact sheet in – don’t make them optional plugins
    6. Ability to stitch images and arrange the order of RAW fileslike Panorama maker 4
    7. Photographic Edge effects – why not incorporate a similar feature into photoshop. Current version of photographic edges does not work in CS4 64 bit not your fault, but why should I have to buy this other program in the first place – incorporate it into photoshop
    8. Please fix most of the bugs before you release your software – CS4 took about 6 months before it became stable on my computer (both 32 and 64 bit versions)
    9. Lower the cost of the software so more folks can purchase it i.e. $499 not $900 – student and educational pricing is fair – thank you.
    10. Finally – please don’t push out versions every 18 months – give us 24 months to learn its features, and when you do update make it a significant update.
    11. Continue to give users the ability to customize the interface – many of us have used it for years and have become comfortable with the interface – by all means add new features, but don’t make major changes as it will just give us a reason to try out alernative software like GIMP which seems to be improving rapidly and the cost is hard to beat – more and more of my students are considering it.
    12. Offer ability to stitch images and output as Flash VR movies!
    13. Please give us 24 months to learn and master a version before bringing out another version and when you do make it worthwhile to upgrade don’t just add a couple of new cool features.
    14. If we have a current version give us a break on buying a new copy – not an upgrade. I have too many photoshop upgrades on my computer as it is and when I have reinstall – it gets very messy.

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  6. nir says:

    is there a chance that adobe would ever release a linux version of cs5? that’s the only thing that keeps me at windows

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  7. elescano says:

    quiero decargar el photoshop cs5 … apiadase de mi please !

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  8. Dan says:

    Ok, I have been searching all over for a simple answer to:
    “Will After Effects have native support of AVCHD files?”
    Every search of both Adobe’s site and goole always ends up at a Premeire write up… I don’t care about Premeire in the least. Sure I use it but AE is much more powerful and need the AVCHD support in it.

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  9. Photoshop has opened pathways for creativity to me that i had always known were in my head but had no way to translate to the real world. What originally attracted me to the program was not the ability to correct the photographs, but the power to wrap photographs into something else! This journey started as an experiment in creating something from nothing..! For example creating fire from the air..! Photoshop gives me the ability to take the critters in my head and make them a visual reality.

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  10. ratul says:

    now in place of “wrap” they r using the “puppet” tool already used for so long in after effects make it a little more direct.

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  11. meyer says:


    i’m trying to import avchd files into CS5 premiere, but get no sound…

    is there any easy way to do this

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