Adobe CS6 Launch – Creativity Will Be Set Free on April 23

Adobe CS6 Launch Event !!!!

If you are as eager to learn more about Adobe CS6 and Creative Cloud as we are, then we have great news for you – Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6 launch date and time have been already set, and it is April 23, 10 a.m. pacific time! Don’t miss the live webcast and be among the first to see the great innovations in your favorite software and learn more about much discussed Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe CS6 and Adobe Creative Cloud Launch – April 23, 10 a.m. PT,

Don’t Miss the Live Webcast!

It should be mentioned that Adobe CS6 launch date is not the date when products shipment begins. Usually Adobe Creative Suite shipping date is set a week or two after the official launch date, so we are expecting that Adobe CS6 shipment will start somewhere in the beginning of May. But after the launch event on Monday, April 23 Adobe CS6 software will probably available for preorder.


Don’t forget that only before May 6th there is still a possibility to buy Adobe CS5.5 at current price and get a free CS6 upgrade after the new Creative Suite is shipped. This is a great opportunity to save some funds because upgrade to CS6 may be more expensive than to CS5.5. Also we remind you that this is the last chance to upgrade your Adobe CS2 products, because after May 6th these products will not be subject


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