Adobe CS6 Release Date – Facts and Guesses

Adobe CS6

As spring proceeds and Adobe CS6 release date comes closer more and more information about the upcoming Creative Suite is revealed. We have already seen some sneak peek videos for Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator CS6. But at the moment we can speak about some more pleasant surprises from Adobe such as public Photoshop CS6 beta and also a “grace period” for free upgrades to Creative Suite 6 This “grace period” means that anyone can buy CS5.5 or CS5 software or upgrade from earlier versions at current price and later get Adobe CS6 upgrade at no additional cost.

What is also interesting about the above mentioned offer is that it is valid until May 6th. This fact can definitely give a hint of when we should expect the launch of Adobe CS6. The approximate date can also be calculated taking into account the new Adobe Release Schedule. According to this schedule there will be new release of Creative Suite every 12 months with milestone releases every 2 years and midcycle releases in between. Bearing in mind that Creative Suite 5.5 was released in the beginning of May 2011 we can suppose that Adobe CS6 will also be shipped early in May. And if this guess is correct then somewhere in the end of April the new Creative Suite will be announced and we will be shown some extensive sneak peek videos for the new features and products. To get a better idea about Adobe Creative Suites release schedule, let’s look at the history of releases:

All CS5 orders now get free upgrades to CS6! All CS5 download orders from now get free upgrades to CS6! Offer ends May 6, 2012

  • CS6 –  to be released in May 7 2012.
  • CS6 – CS6 Global Launch April 23, 2012
  • CS5.5 – The current version, released in April 2011.
  • CS5 – Released in April 2010 (18 months after CS4).
  • CS4 – Released in October 2008 (18 months after CS3).
  • CS3 – Released April 2007 (24 months after CS2).
  • CS1 – Released in October 2003.
  • CS2 – Released in April 2005 (18 months after CS).
  • CS1 – Released in October 2003.

But even today we can make some assumptions about new products and surprises prepared by Adobe. If you go to Adobe Marketing Hub there you can find a document called Top Digital Asset Downloads report. There one can find some lines that imply that the company is preparing at least one new Creative Suite edition and a couple of completely new products. It looks like in this new release two separate Suite editions – Design Premium and Web Premium will be united in one product called Design & Web Premium CS6. So instead of five Creative Suite editions we will probably see only four: Master Collection, Production Premium, Design Standard, and Design & Web Premium. If this assumption is correct then a question arises: what about the pricing?! Will this new product be more expensive than separate Design Premium or Web Premium? And how will the process of upgrade from Design Premium or Web Premium look like? Well, all the answers we will get only in several weeks, when Adobe CS6 is announced.

Also Adobe CS6 will include two completely new applications: Prelude CS6 and SpeedGrade CS6. Prelude CS6 was announced by Al Mooney, product manager from Adobe, at San Francisco Supermeet Friday January 27th. According to Philip Hodgetts Prelude CS6 “is a logging and rough cut tool. It’s designed to make it easy to add metadata quickly and easily, and then perform a rough first string out to send to a skilled editor for the real work”. As for SpeedGrade it is a powerful standalone application that does GPU-accelerated color correction purchased last year by Adobe from a German company IRIDAS. So far Adobe has not officially announced that SpeedGrade would be included in Creative Suite 6, but as we found this application in the above mentioned report it is natural to suppose that it is going to come out as one of CS6 products.

If you wish to learn more about innovations in the upcoming Creative Suite 6 you can watch Adobe Technology Sneaks 2012 at Adobe TV.


4 Responses to “Adobe CS6 Release Date – Facts and Guesses”

  1. Alex says:

    You say: “anyone can buy CS5.5 or CS5 software at current price and later get Adobe CS6 at no additional cost”. But are you sure CS5 is still available for purchase? And if so, is it cheaper than CS5.5 and where can I find it?

    Current score: 2
  2. CS6 says:

    If you’re using an entire package like Design Premium,Web Premium, Master Collection,Design Standard or Production Premium, you will have to upgrade it to CS5.5 in order to seize on the above offer. But certain products like Photoshop CS5 or Illustrator CS5 did not get a CS5.5 version. So if you’re using only these separate products you should upgrade them to the latest existing version which is CS5.

    Current score: 1
  3. nocturnal YL says:

    Design & Web Premium is essentially just Design Premium when there is no more Web Premium, now that Contribute is dead and Flash Builder is excluded from CS again. There is no point in maintaining Web Premium when the remaining components are just a subset of Design Premium.

    Current score: 1
  4. CS 6 says:

    nocturnal YL – thanks!!!

    Current score: 1

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