Adobe CS5 on Mac to be Intel-only, Cocoa, 64-bit native

Adobe CS5 - intelFollowing Apple’s lead of dropping the ageing PowerPC architecture for Snow Leopard, Adobe have outlined its plans for a PPC-free future in a recent blog entry. The next iteration of its Creative Suite, popular among designers and the like, will not only be going Intel-only, but will also be rewritten in Cocoa for 64-bit native support, a requirement for Adobe after Apple previously revealed they had scrapped plans for a 64-bit Carbon.

John Nack is keen to point out that “the very youngest PPC-based Macs will be roughly four years old” by the time the software is released, giving us a timeframe of either late this year or early next year. With certain PowerPCs still competitively performing up against today’s tech, is this all far too soon? Maybe, but Adobe’s (and most likely Apple’s) rationale is that “if you haven’t upgraded your workstation in four years, you’re probably not in a rush to upgrade your software, either”. While support for PowerPC would be nice for those without the funds to upgrade their hardware, costs and benefits have to be factored into development, and it appears Adobe have decided the market simply isn’t big enough to warrant continued development for the platform.

Adobe also hints towards more information regarding its other apps, such as Flash Player and Adobe Reader, in the near future. Hopefully the next iteration of Flash Player will be more optimised for the Mac platform, as the current content player has a reputation for high CPU usage among Mac users.


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  1. hey curtis calm down. lets not pretend you actually “purchase” your own software or use it for anything other than fb, porn, or games d bag.

    @spankysenior funny “MOMMA”

    …just loaded 5 on both by macs and on one of my vista machines…total waste of time.

    pixels must have changed since cs5 arrived… photoshop cs5 files are not reading in cs4 photoshop? i can live with the possibility that illustrator cant help it~ always been that way…but photoshop, really?

    pure greed…stop trying to make every program do what every other program already does…

    its seems quite clear adobe has no idea what to do anymore except change the arrangement of titles and menu locations in each new upgrade just to return them back to previous locations in the next. but buggy

    when corporations get too big they stop being a product oriented provider and grow into a business machine that cant produce products people want.

    Guess what adobe, you bought all the vector programs up…there are no more competitors left, thus no one elses ideas to steal, buy, or creatively integrate into your own. those little businesses creating revolutionary products were vital for designers in general. those little guys raised everyones bar including yours adobe.

    consumers and once loyal adobe followers… save your money and stay alert for any announcements of future software assimilation by adobe; only then will they release any new products that actually make sense or that we cant live without. so sad so sad…


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