New image editing tools for Photoshop CS5


Structural image editing. Left to right: (a) the original image; (b) a hole is marked (magenta) and we use line constraints (red/green/blue) to improve the continuity of the roofline; (c) the hole is filled in; (d) user-supplied line constraints for retargeting; (e) retargeting using constraints eliminates two columns automatically; and (f) user translates the roof upward using reshuffling.

The project is a collaboration between Adobe, Princeton University, and the University of Washington. Presented at the technical papers session at SIGGRAPH ‘09 in New Orleans this August.

This short video demonstrates advanced image editing techniques made possible by a new algorithm we have developed for quickly finding good matches between all parts (patches) of two different image regions.

Interactive image editing tools for Adobe Photoshop CS5 using a new randomized algorithm for quickly finding approximate nearest neighbor matches between image patches. “Previous research in graphics and vision has leveraged such nearest-neighbor searches to provide a variety of high-level digital image editing tools. However, the cost of computing a field of such matches for an entire image has eluded previous efforts to provide interactive performance. Algorithm offers substantial performance improvements over the previous state of the art (20-100x), enabling its use in interactive editing tools. The key insights driving the algorithm are that some good patch matches can be found via random sampling, and that natural coherence in the imagery allows  to propagate such matches quickly to surrounding areas. We offer theoretical analysis of the convergence properties of the algorithm, as well as empirical and practical evidence for its high quality and performance. This one simple algorithm forms the basis for a variety of tools – image retargeting, completion and reshuffling – that can be used together in the context of a high-level image editing application. Finally, we propose additional intuitive constraints on the synthesis process that offer the user a level of control unavailable in previous methods.”

PatchMatch – A Randomized Correspondence Algorithm for Structural Image Editing ( Toggle Full Screen )

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  1. nnnnnn says:


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  2. Pablo says:

    Amazing… the problem is, now everyone will do the same and we designers are doomed :(

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  3. Coburn says:

    That’s so amazing!! This is the way to go =)

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  4. john says:

    Exactly. Everyone is a Photographer and everyone is a Photoshop professional. Welcome to the world of technology. I think it’s great. No need to spend $100,000 for a stupid education in graphic design. Thanks to technology 😉 yea!!!!

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  5. Levar says:

    you got that right! That’s amazing 😀 wow and so easy

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  6. anonymouse says:

    The image reshuffling technology is great! Now if they could just apply it to After Effects and make it calculate frame by frame, you could, theoretically, eliminate the need to ever rotoscope again!

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  7. I see a lot of professionals getting angry, or disappointed with every new Photoshop release. Either that, or they wish they were the only ones allowed to use the tools.

    I don’t know – I am not threatened by it at all. I think it’s good that these things get easier and easier, and tools get better and better.

    You are the sum of the quality of your work, anyway, not the tools of it.

    I work mostly with photography, and not design per se, but if i have a customer interested in a picture of mine I never tell them the process.

    I have pictures I spent two minutes in Lightroom, or Photoshop with giving me just as much positive response as pictures I have spent hours and days on.

    Please, don’t worry about the TOOLS. They are meant to get better and easier to use. Worry about your product.

    That’s how I see it, anyway.

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  8. txay says:

    Amazing stuff!
    And for those who think that studying design or photography it won’t be necessary…

    Do you really think that the machine thinks what’s best for the design or photograph?

    Do you really think that no-one is making the decisions but the computer?

    Do you really think the good taste belongs to the computer?

    Do you really think good design or good photography it depends on the tools you use?

    You are so wrong!

    Sure, it will be faster and easier to do great designs and great photographs with new software and new cameras, but you are so wrong if you think the objects and software will make the decision for you.

    As long as there is a human being on the other side of the tools used, there will be bad photographs and bad design and great photographs and great designs, It always was and it always will, belive me.

    they’re just tools, nothing else, what people do with them it will always be and was and will be the important.

    Never forget that.

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  9. Spriggers says:

    I think one thing we are going to see more of is photographs that are no longer photographs, and the viewer will never know it. It’s becoming too easy to manipulate.

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  10. Adam says:

    I was once one of those designers that worried about things getting easier, and then a really simple piece of software came out and I thought I was doomed, only to find that the people using it, even though it was easy, made terrible looking designs.

    So it turns out that there is no need to worry, because even if it was the easiest thing in the world, people still need the creative talent to make it work, and it seems that not everybody has that.

    It’s just like anyone can pick up a paint brush and some paints, but there was only one picaso 😉 .

    Also though, us creative professionals should make ourselves stand out even more by being able to even program the software ourselves, and understanding how it works.

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  11. Luke says:

    Ok, wow, great, now when can we get these things in Lightroom? (especially inpainting)

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  12. Son Nguyen says:

    woooow! AWESOME! Cant wait to see the demo version 😀

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  13. Victor Tiago says:

    Sooooo nice… Photoshop the program of miracles!!!

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  14. Landon says:

    Honestly I can see both sides of this situation. People are worried about Photoshop becoming to easy to use. That is true, but at the same time, if I didn’t actually have formal training in photoshop I would be so incredibly lost when I use it.

    The new tools make it easier for people to do things, but from my experience with the tools, a lot of times it doesn’t look as good as when you do it manually (depending on the situation of course). However, the better the technology gets, the better the results get with the automated tools. This saves you time, and as we all know, time is money. I just did a restoration project about a month or so ago, and it took me almost a week to complete it. With some of the tools I see in this new version, it would have taken me half the time.

    I can guarantee that if I didn’t have training in Photoshop from college, I wouldn’t have had the results I did, not even close. So I am not honestly worried about it making it too simple, I just think of it as a new tool making it faster. Like a socket wrench versus a regular wrench.

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  15. Colin says:

    The new feature set of content-aware tools looks awesome, and has some pretty revolutionary potential – I can’t believe the rendering speed of that thing (unless it’s all done on a server farm :)! Talk about making it easier to get things done more quickly – that’s what computing SHOULD be about. Now, where’s that Flash fix … ?

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  16. Andres Bison says:

    This is one technology that I would love to be able to use for myself. It’s definitely a cut above the rest and I can’t wait until my provider has it. Your insight was what I needed. Thanks

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  17. Antonio says:

    Nice. Photographic frauds will explode in numbers.

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  18. It will help retouchers, photographers a lot, but you won’t believe in a photo anymore (which used to be more realistic in the analogue era)

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  19. Phil says:

    Henri Cartier Bresson coined the term more than 70 years ago–the “decisive moment”.
    And that moment is determined by the skill,
    intuition and a bit of luck of the photographer. When there is Photoshop CS 23,
    there will still be decisive moments to hold onto by one person determining when to trip
    the shutter. And no piece of software will
    ever be able to determine that moment.
    I hope!.

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  20. Xplainet says:

    This really bothers me. after looking at everything theyre working on i can not believe they can do stuff like this. it is just rediculous. i can see the graphic design business booming after this release. people are going to catch on to cs5’s abilities and won’t think twice before buying it.
    every new feature i’ve seen so far has been jaw dropping. the new warping, selective image, this especially, and everything.
    congrats to adobe, thank you for this!

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  21. Jayden says:

    wow this is crazy!! i like it though! 😀
    it looks so easy!

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  22. Cs4 owner says:

    I really want the puppet warp and content aware fill. I will save hours on panoramas. I just hope the price is not much more than cs4’s.

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  23. erbmit says:

    I have to laugh at all those designers and photographers who display fear or anger whenever theres technology demonstrated that introduces a new degree of intelligent automation of tasks. Where do they get the arrogance that only they should be allowed to
    achieve nice results.
    For me, all boring, timewasting, creativity supressing tasks could be automated with such algorithms. Who enjoys spending 4 hours trying to mask out a soft/complex boundary from a background ? Who likes to loose another day fixing holes in pictures by manually cloning around, when it could be done in 3 seconds, automatically.

    Its about time those “professional”
    designers and photographers shutup their
    egocentric traps and face that theyre no better breed than any photoshop hobbyist.

    Myself i am a photoshop “pro”, in the sense that i make a living with photoshop and design work, but i fully embrace any new, helping technology

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  24. Cosminn says:


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  25. Chris Lew says:

    I agree 110% with Henry Leirvoll. It’s the ending product that makes you who you are, NOT the tools, even though they are there to guide you through the process.

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  26. hitchens3 says:

    actually you wrong man , everyone can know the tools yes but not everyone have creative mind …. so real photoshoper , designer is save with has unique talent 😉 so cheer up !

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  27. artmax says:

    wow this is crazy!! Now every teenager 12 years is better than a professional with experience….

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  28. gotcha says:

    Like the application? Read the system requirements before lay the money down, it could cost you a lot more than just the application.

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  29. chadgo says:

    Not sure how this is a threat to designers. This isn’t design. This is image manipulation… which is one of the infinite “tools” a designer uses.

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  30. damian3k says:

    Where are this functions in photoshop. How can i open this window with this tools?

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  31. Arno says:

    The only true values a designer has are creativity and imagination. And whichever CSs come out, it will never change. This technology is amazing, can’t wait to get my copy of CS5. =)

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  32. Photo Manip. says:

    Guys i have Photoshop Cs5 Extended and i can’t find this feature!!….. where did he open this window where he selected the tools to draw the missing parts???

    all i can find is the content aware feature which is available in the lasso and similar tools and this is NOT what is shown in this Video ,… what is in this video is not in Photoshop.

    any body has any idea??

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  33. Paul K says:

    to Photo Manip,
    I also have CS5 Extended and I do NOT see this feature. Looks like it was left out for CS6.
    This was one of the major selling points for me.

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  34. bert says:

    They had to hold something back to get you to buy CS6.

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  35. Mike says:

    At least they included Content Aware Fill in CS5. It is actually a part of future PatchMatch using the same “Randomized Correspondence Algorithm for Structural Image Editing.” As for the rest of the PatchMatch capabilities it seems we’ll have to wait for CS6. I guess it is still in work. And anyway it is too early for Adobe to make a button “Make Perfect” they are not planning to close down yet :)

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  36. led ekran says:

    great! Now if they could just apply it to After Effects and make it calculate frame by frame,

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  37. Domometer says:

    Open the photo, select a portion using any select tool, right click, select fill, you should see Content Aware in the option.

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