Adobe Acrobat X and Acrobat X Suite Are Now Available for Preorder!

Adobe Acrobat X

Adobe has announced upcoming release of new version of Acrobat products – Acrobat X. New features in Acrobat X allow you to combine various file types into PDF Portfolios more easily; integrate audio, video, and interactive media into rich PDF documents; automate routine, multistep tasks into a guided Action; convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other files to PDF with a single click; achieve better scanning results; share files online from within your Acrobat, and much more. The English version of Acrobat X is going to be released in the end of November.

If you preorder Adobe Acrobat X Standard, Adobe Acrobat X Pro, or Adobe Acrobat X Suite

before November 30 you will get free shipping of the product.

If you are using Windows OS, Adobe offers the following products of Acrobat family:

  • Adobe Acrobat X Standard
  • Adobe Acrobat X Pro, which includes Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2
  • Adobe Acrobat X Suite (Includes Adobe Acrobat X Pro, Designer ES2, Adobe Photoshop® CS5, Adobe Captivate® 5, Adobe Presenter 7, Adobe Media Encoder CS5)
  • Adobe Reader X.

For Mac OS users the following products will be available after the launch of Adobe Acrobat X:

  • Adobe Acrobat X Pro
  • Adobe Reader X.

If you need to decide whether you should upgrade to the latest version of this software you can compare functionalities of Acrobat X Pro and previous versions of the product. Comparison of Adobe Acrobat X Standard, Adobe Acrobat X Pro, Adobe Acrobat X Suite and Adobe Reader X functionalities is available here.

These days almost everybody has Acrobat Reader installed on their computers, because PDF files are virtually everywhere. But for a great part of professionals ability to edit PDF files is not less important than ability to open and read them. If you have never used Acrobat to create or edit PDF files the following video will be useful for you.

(If the video is played back incorrectly, you can watch it on Adobe.TV)

Very often working in the office people encounter a requirement to edit contents of a PDF document in other applications such as Word or Excell. In earlier days it was not easy to export PDF files to Office applications, but Adobe Acrobat X makes this task very simple.

(If the video is played back incorrectly, you can watch it on Adobe.TV)

Creation of PDF portfolios is one of the most praised Acrobat Pro capabilities. This function was available in Acrobat 9 Pro, but in Acrobat X pro it is considerably extended and refined. Now users can leverage PDF Portfolio Wizard, ability to customize PDF Portfolios with layouts, visual themes, and color palettes and also Import custom PDF Portfolio layouts developed by third-party developers and designers. In this video you will see how to create a PDF portfolio in Acrobat X.

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Together with Acrobat X Adobe launches new services at This is an online service intended to help creative teams cooperate more efficiently and achieve better results with less effort. includes online Workspaces, document sharing and storage, PDF file conversion, web conferencing, and online office applications. You do not need to download and install any software to start using, and also it is free. In this video Rick Treitman, Director of Product Management, tells what new services are coming to and why they are so important.

(If the video is played back incorrectly, you can watch it on Adobe.TV)

One of the features of Acrobat X is the ability to share files using SendNow Online tool. There is no need to open a browser to send files, you can just send them from within Acrobat. These can be not only PDF files, but also video files, or office files. In the video below Lori DeFurio, Group Product Marketing Manager at Adobe, presents this new convenient feature of Acrobat X.

(If the video is played back incorrectly, you can watch it on Adobe.TV)

Upcoming products launch also upgrades Adobe Acrobat Reader. Acrobat X Reader will include the following innovations:

  • Commenting becomes available, with Sticky Notes and Highlighter tools available to all users.
  • PDF access to mobile devices is expanded with free Adobe Reader X for Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry Tablet OS.
  • Viewing of PDF files with new Protected Mode security capabilities becomes safer.

If you wish to be notified when Adobe Acrobat X products are shipped you can sign up here.


2 Responses to “Adobe Acrobat X and Acrobat X Suite Are Now Available for Preorder!”

  1. nicholaelaw says:

    But will Acrobat X be integrated into CS5?

    I’m saving for a Design Premium but the really important programs for me are Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

    Current score: 1
  2. John Waller says:

    When will Adobe Creative Suite 5 include Acrobat X Pro?

    Because Adobe Creative Suite 5 contains so many applications, it isn’t always possible to update the entire suite edition when a single product release becomes available. Acrobat X Pro will be included in the next dot release of Creative Suite. Creative Suite customers who have purchased an Upgrade Plan, Gold Support, or Platinum Support will be notified automatically when the update is available.

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