Applications Created in Adobe Flash CS5 Are Allowed to iPhone!

Adobe-CS5 and iPhone

Apple finally allowed applications created in Flash to the App Store. Until recently this issue was one of battlegrounds between Apple and Adobe. Developing their Creative Suite 5 Adobe had been preparing a great surprise for developers. Adobe Flash Professional CS5 authoring tool contained a Packager for iOS devices that provided a possibility to easily deliver applications created with Flash Professional CS5 and also Adobe AIR SDK 2.0.1 for iOS devices. But in its turn Apple Inc. had been preparing a surprise for Adobe. Shortly before the release of Adobe CS5 Apple published their new iPhone Developer Agreement, which banned creation of applications for iOS devices in any code except for C, C++, and Objective-C.

Many analytics then realized that these restrictions were aimed against Adobe Flash SC5. Mike Chambers form Adobe said at the time: “While it appears that Apple may selectively enforce the terms, it is our belief that Apple will enforce those terms as they apply to content created with Flash CS5.”

However several days ago, on September 09, this story came to a long expected turning point. Apple announced: “We are relaxing restrictions on what development tools can be used to create iOS apps, as long as the resulting applications do not download any code” and updated their iOS Developer Program License Agreement. This means that applications created with Flash Professional CS5 and Adobe AIR SDK 2.0.1now can be approved for the App Store. This news was greatly welcomed by developers’ community.

Terry White, Worldwide Creative Suite Design Evangelist for Adobe Systems, Inc., wrote in his blog that he “couldn’t be happier for the developer community”. Also he published his original video “Top 5 Favorite Features of Dreamweaver and Flash CS5”. This video had been created before the release of Adobe CS5, but had to be re-recorded because Terry “felt there was no need to talk about the iOS App Packager in Flash CS5 since Apps created with this technology could have been potentially blocked from the App Store.”

In April in respond to the change in Apple’s iPhone Developer Agreement Adobe announced that they would stop investing in technology of Packager for iOS devices. But now they are saying that this work will be again resumed. But also Adobe remind: “We do want to point out that Apple’s restriction on Flash content running in the browser on iOS devices remains in place.”


3 Responses to “Applications Created in Adobe Flash CS5 Are Allowed to iPhone!”

  1. Chris_K says:

    Do I get it right: developers now can create applications for iPhone in Adobe Flash CS5?

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  2. QWERTY says:

    Yes, it seems so! But I can’t understand why Apple changed their policy so unexpectedly? “We have listened to our developers and taken much of their feedback to heart,” they say. Hmm, do you believe it?

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  3. flasher says:

    believe Apples? are you kidding?
    it’s all politics and business – competitors support Flash and Apples have to support it too or else they will start to loose customers.

    look forward to see Flash in iPhone browser, it will come, they don’t have choice.

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