Adobe InDesign CS5 – Create Magazines for iPad This Summer

Adobe InDesign CS5

In the world of modern technologies digital magazines tend to replace print editions. This trend has become even more topical with introduction of the Apple iPad and development of tablet devices in general. Many digital magazines are created with Adobe InDesign CS5 software and additional publishing technologies. Now Adobe announces the future Digital Magazine Solution which is going to enable publishers to create immersive content for magazines that can be viewed across multiple platforms including the Apple iPad.

These new technologies, including tools for creating advanced interactivity (360° image rotations, image panning/zooming, among others), and bundling digital magazine layouts into the new “issue” format for consumption in the Digital Content Viewer, will be available for download at Adobe Labs later this summer. Below you can watch a short video demonstration of the Adobe Digital Magazine Workflow.

The first digital edition of Wired magazine released earlier this year was created with Adobe InDesign and additional technologies. When video introducing Wired for iPad was published at Adobe TV many users complained that they had been expecting a video showing something like “how we did it with Adobe software”. But Bob Bringhurst, an Administrator at Adobe TV, explained: “Information on how to use InDesign to create iPad information is coming soon. The tools are currently beta”. Anyway if you missed it you can enjoy this presentation.

Adobe InDesign CS5
John Nack, Adobe Photoshop Principal Product Manager, wrote at his blog: “Speaking of InDesign and rich publishing, here’s an example of the sort of interactive content (here displayed through Flash) that can be generated in Adobe CS5. (Click the main image to display the document.)”

At Adobe Digital Publishing blog you will find more detailed information about using these new technologies for the digital magazines creation, including such issues as Adobe InDesign CS5 and Digital Content Bundler, The “.issue” Format and Digital Content Viewer, and Adding Interactivity.

As Adobe InDesign CS5 offers a number of new exciting opportunities you will probably find this document, describing the enhancements to the EPUB eBook workflow Adobe InDesign CS5, interesting.


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  1. tPet says:

    Gotta ask … are you sure Apple isn’t going to ban this too like they did the iPhone compiler?

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  2. Karolynaz says:

    Yey, the summer ended, but still nothing :(

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  3. mike says:

    Dave Dickson form Adobe wrote on the Adobe Digital Publishing blog: “We’re working nights and weekends to get this release to you ASAP. Stay tuned to this blog for more info, as well as the Adobe Labs page at”. No more information about the release date of Digital Magazine Solution for Adobe InDesign CS5 is available yet.

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