Adobe Illustrator CC New Features

Adobe Illustrator CC

Designers, who chose to sign for Adobe Creative Cloud membership, now have access to the latest version of Illustrator CC. This industry standard application has become even more convenient and powerful. It seems that Illustrator has everything you need to create stunning designs, but every next release shows that creative process can be even more efficient and seamless. And this is the case with the new Illustrator CC!

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It received a bunch of new features like Touch Type tool, Images in brushes, Multiple-file place, convenient font search, ability to synchronize your workspace settings and much more improvements. To understand whether it is a good idea to subscribe for Creative cloud, let’s take a look at what’s new in Adobe Illustrator CC.

Part of Creative Cloud

First of all, we should remind you that, since Illustrator is now a part of Creative Cloud, the first thing which is new is how it will be upgraded in the future. If you’re a member of Creative Cloud, you won’t need to pay for upgrades, and you won’t need to wait 12 or 24 months for the next version of the app. All the new features, tools and improvements will be available as soon as they are ready. If you haven’t decided yet whether you need this new version, you can download a free Adobe Illustrator CC trial after subscribing for free Creative Cloud membership. This membership plan gives you access to 30-day trials of all the apps available in Adobe Creative Cloud.

But Adobe Creative Cloud is not only about the way you’re going get access to upgrades and applications. It’s about using the advantages of Internet and cloud solutions in your creative process. Now you can explore a rich collection of colors and themes on Adobe Kuler website and synchronize the necessary items with your Illustrator to use them immediately in your design. If you’re used to working on two computers, you can sync your preferences, presets, brushes, and libraries for seamless workflow. When your design is complete you can share it on Behance to get feedback from your clients or other professionals. Adobe promises that a Sync Fonts feature will be available very soon. It will allow accessing the huge library of Adobe Typekit fonts.

Touchscreen capabilities

Touchscreens are becoming more and more popular and Adobe strives to keep pace with technology. Illustrator CC includes several new touch screen features. For example, the new Touch Type tool not only allows treating separate letters as individual objects (which is really convenient), but it is compatible with touchscreen devices. This means that if you are using a touchscreen computer, experimenting with type will become a really exciting experience. There are also some other features such as multi-touch zoom/panning and On-art Free Transform. Maybe this is not much, but definitely this is only beginning.

New features for working with text

The new Touch Type tool was added to Adobe Illustrator CC to make work with text easier and faster. When you need to transform separate letters, this tool gives you such possibility. You can move, scale, and rotate letters to create compelling designs effortlessly and quickly.

With the new Font search feature finding the necessary fonts has become an easy task. You don’t need to scroll through the entire list of fonts to find what you need. Just type any part of the font name and enjoy the result.

Area and point type conversion feature gives you the ability to go from point type to area type. If you want to scale or move a part of a text without changing all of it, it is easy to do now. Just select the necessary part of the text and double click it to convert it into an area text.

Images in brushes

Images in brushes feature is one of the most exciting enhancements in Adobe Illustrator CC. It allows turning any photo into a unique brush. This is a really new way to create stunning designs with simple brush strokes.

CSS extraction

Millions of designers these days are creating their artwork for web. And very often they face the necessity to write code to complete some projects. If this is the case with you, there’s a good news: Illustrator now can generate CSS code for you. It can even cope with a complete logo that includes gradients.


These are only some of the new useful and exciting features that Adobe Illustrator has inside. To learn more, please, visit Illustrator CC page on!


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