Adobe Creative Cloud vs Master Collection CS6

CS6 vs Creative Cloud

Until recently the fullest set of Adobe products could be acquired with Adobe Master Collection and all additional applications and services had to be bought additionally. But this year Adobe has introduced a completely new approach to distribution of its apps and services by launching Adobe Creative Cloud. This is a new product which makes access to the most up-to-date industry standard tools easier and more affordable.

Save $20/month for the first year on Adobe Creative Cloud            

You can join Adobe Creative Cloud for just US$49.99 per month on an annual plan or US$74.99 per month on a month-to-month plan. Also if you are a current licensed user of Adobe CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5 or CS6 products you can get Adobe Creative Cloud membership for just US$29.99 per month for the first year (see details of the offer). The same price is available for Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition.

Adobe TV: Adobe Creative Cloud

With Adobe Creative Cloud you just pay a monthly fee and get access to all Adobe CS6 applications and all upgrades as soon as they are released. So far it looks pretty much like Adobe Master Collection but on a subscription basis. Well, actually Creative Cloud includes more than Adobe Master Collection. At the moment it includes two applications not included in Master Collection, as well as access to online services which owners of Master Collection have to pay for additionally, and some services that are available only to the Creative Cloud members. So let’s check up what apps and services are a part of Adobe Creative Cloud that are not included in Master Collection.


Adobe Creative CloudCS6 Master Collection
Photoshop® CS6 ExtendedPhotoshop CS6 Extended
Illustrator CS6Illustrator CS6
InDesign CS6InDesign CS6
Acrobat X ProAcrobat X Pro
Flash Professional CS6Flash Professional CS6
Flash Builder 4.6 Premium EditionFlash Builder 4.6 Premium Edition
Dreamweaver CS6Dreamweaver CS6
Fireworks CS6Fireworks CS6
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
After Effects CS6After Effects CS6
Adobe Audition CS6Adobe Audition CS6
SpeedGrade CS6SpeedGrade CS6
Prelude CS6Prelude CS6
Encore CS6Encore CS6
Bridge CS6Bridge CS6
Media Encoder CS6Media Encoder CS6
Adobe Muse-
Edge Preview-

Adobe Muse is an application for designers who want to create HTML web pages without writing code or collaborating with developers. It contains a set of tools that make this work easy and intuitive.  The application is not a part of Adobe CS6 and thus is not included in any Creative Suite. There are only two ways to get the application: subscribe for US$14.99 or 24.99 per month (depending on a subscription plan), or get it as a part of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe Edge preview is a great, easy to use app for creating HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript based interactive motion content for the web. Edge works natively in HTML and consistently displays across multiple browsers and devices. The application is available only as a part of Creative Cloud.


Adobe Creative CloudCS6 Master Collection
Device and PC sync-
Cloud storage-
Business Catalyst-
Story Plus-

More applications, affordable price without the need to face considerable upfront cost, timely upgrades – all this is great, but the real potential of Adobe Creative Cloud is in its ability to streamline creative process and allow professionals to enjoy more freedom. With Device and PC sync and Cloud storage services you can create your artwork on a tablet, easily access it from your desktop and edit at any time. With Cloud storage you get 20GB of online storage for your files, which can be easily shared with other users, who can open them in a browser even without having associated applications installed. What is also exciting about Adobe Creative Cloud it’s the ability to use both Windows and Mac versions of software on two of your computers, and files stored in the cloud will be automatically synced for running on any of these machines.

Though Creative Cloud allows easy syncing of files created on your tablet with your other computers for further editing, Adobe Touch Apps are not a part of the Cloud and must be purchased separately. Annual plan members receive a complimentary month of membership upon signing into Creative Cloud from three qualifying Touch Apps.

Device and PC sync and Cloud storage are exclusively available for Adobe Creative Cloud members and you cannot subscribe to them if you are not using Creative Cloud. But there are even more services that you will get with Cloud membership: Business Catalyst, Typekit, and Story Plus. And unlike Adobe Master Collection CS6 users (or any other Adobe Creative Suite users) Cloud members won’t need to pay any additional money for access to these services.

Adobe is also planning to provide Creative Cloud members with access to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Single Edition, which will enable them to create and deliver portfolios, brochures, and other immersive content to iPad and other tablets without writing code.


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