Photoshop CS6 Extended – More Power for Your Creativity

Photoshop CS6 Extended

There are several days remaining to the official  Adobe CS6 and Adobe Creative Cloud Launch – April 23, 10 a.m. PT, Don’t Miss the Adobe CS6 and Creative Cloud Launch Event! but thanks to Photoshop CS6 public beta hundreds of thousands of professionals and Photoshop enthusiasts all around the world have already been able to try the latest version of this really outstanding image editing software. Actually with all the latest innovations Adobe Photoshop goes far beyond mere image editing, gradually turning into a powerful tool for work with 3D objects, video editing, and creation of real artwork. 

For those who have not downloaded Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta this is the last chance to try this software for free, because beta version will expire soon after the official launch of Adobe Photoshop CS6. And Adobe CS6 launch event date has already been set – it is April 23, 2012. We suppose that right after the event Adobe CS6 products will be available for preorder and the date of shipment will be announced at the event. And sure enough Photoshop CS6 beta will expire the day shipment starts.

We have already covered some of the new Photoshop CS6 features but this time we want to get a deeper insight into what’s new in Photoshop CS6 Extended. As long as Photoshop CS6 beta includes all features of both standard and extended versions everyone now has a great chance to experiment with the full set of tools of this powerful application.   

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3D capabilities

Ability to work with 3D objects is not new in Adobe Photoshop Extended, but this time the tools have been completely redesigned to make the workflow much easier and faster. In other words 3D feature in Photoshop CS6 Extended has become much more user-friendly. There is no more confusing Repose tool, but all the tools are right on the screen now, so you can easily rotate and scale your 3D object, bend and twist it, change light and shadows, and do much more by just clicking and dragging. Thanks to the new contextual Properties panel you now have a single go-to place for working with main 3D properties like camera, coordinates, environment, materials mesh, cap, and deform.

It is also easier now to import ready 3D objects thanks to support for industry-standard ways (Y-up) of describing the orientation of objects. By default all 3D objects are placed to the ground plane already with shadows and lights. Also it is easier to position your objects in 3D space due to additional camera views that can bee seen simultaneously.


Video editing

Video editing in Photoshop CS6 has been completely overhauled. It became more intuitive and easy to use with extended dedicated feature set, and hassle-free workflow. Among the new features you will find contextual dialog boxes on the timeline for frequently used settings, a pop-up window for real-time preview, ability to move audio and video tracks independently and more.

You can easily split your video track and move its parts by just clicking and dragging. Also if you need to add a transition, you can choose a type of transition you like and click and drag it right into the necessary place of your video track. You can change parameters of the transition through the contextual dialog box or simply drag the edges of the transition in the timeline to change its duration.    

Smart Object technology in Photoshop enables easy creation of stunning custom pan and zoom effects. Also you can take advantage of adjustment layers to enhance whole clips or in conjunction with keyframes to alter portions of your video projects. You will gain the extra editing flexibility of applying selective, paint-on enhancement of clips using masked layers.


Now Photoshop is capable of importing a wider range of video formats including AVCHD, MPEG4, and H.264 formats.  

Files types supported by the new video playback engine: AI, AIF, AIFF, AC3, ASND, CIN, DPX, EPS, JFIF, JPE, JPG, JPEG, GIF, ICO, BMP, DIB, RLE, PSD, PNG, PCT, PICT, VFW, TGA, ICB, VST, VDA, TIF, TIFF, MPEG, VOB, MOD, MPE, MPG, M2V, MPA, MP2, M2A, MPV, M2P, M2T, M2TS, MTS, TS, M1V, MP4, M4V, MOV, M4A, AAC, 3GP, AVC, 264, F4V, FLV, SWF, AVI, 3G2, DIF, DV, WAV, FLC, FLI, M15, M1A, M1S, M1V, M75, MPG4, MPM, MXF.

Note: In Adobe Photoshop CS6 video editing is also included in the standard version.


With Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended you will be able to eperience unprecedented performance with the Mercury Graphics Engine, which gives you near-instant results when you edit with key tools such as Liquify, Puppet Warp, and Crop.

Note that 3D features and some GPU-enabled features are not supported on Windows XP.


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