Adobe InDesign CS6 – Sneak Peek

Adobe InDesign CS6 Sneak Peek

It’s been almost a year since the latest version of InDesign was launched and today a release of Adobe InDesign CS6 is just round the corner. And it is natural that professionals in print and digital publishing want to know what to expect from the new version of this application. In recent years much effort was made to allow InDesign users create and contribute content not only for print but also for digital media. So we can suppose that lots of new features and enhancements will be aimed at creation of digital content.

Growing popularity of this type of content is partially explained by extensive development of various mobile devices from smartphones to tablets. But as you may know great variety of devices creates additional problems for designers and developers, because they are forced to redesign and relayout their projects for every single device. As for Adobe InDesign team they have already shown their attention to this issue, and we can expect that there will be lots of improvements in this respect.

Actually at Adobe MAX conference several months ago Adobe presenter Kiyomassa Toma revealed a new feature called Liquid Layout, which most likely will be included in Adobe InDesign CS6. This feature addresses the problem of creation of multiple layouts for various screens, making the work of designers easier and faster.

Another new feature that will be certainly useful for anyone who creates for print or web is Content Collector Tools in InDesign CS6. This new tool allows easily grabbing objects from an existing layout and adding them to the same or a different InDesign document in any necessary order.

Attention! If you are still using a version of Adobe InDesign older than CS5.5 today there is an opportunity to upgrade to InDesign CS5.5 or purchase the software and get CS 6 upgrade at no additional cost when it is shipped. This offer also works for other Adobe CS products and packages.  All CS5 orders now get free upgrades to CS6!  Buy Adobe CS5.5 today and safe the difference in price between upgrade to CS5.5 and CS6!  This is also looks like the last chance to upgrade for the ones who are still using Adobe CS2. The offer is valid till May 6th.


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