Adobe Illustrator CS5 HTML 5 Pack Released

Adobe Illustrator CS5 HTML5

Adobe HTML5 Pack for Adobe Illustrator CS5 is available for download form Adobe Labs. With this add-on installed Adobe Illustrator CS5 will support HTML5 and CSS3. Also capabilities of Illustrator SVG (scalable vector graphics) technology are extended.

Due to HTML5 support in Adobe Illustrator CS5 and tight integration of this application with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 designers and developers now can create compelling interactive content easier than ever. Using Illustrator CS5 for generation of CSS code for styling of HTML content promises to save a lot of man hours. With HTML5 Pack SVG files created in Illustrator can be displayed directly in all compatible browsers and devices.

Watch this video recorded by Greg Rewis, Worldwide Creative Suite Web Evangelist, demonstrating creation of SVG files compatible with various browsers and mobile devices.

Today when there is such a great variety of devices for viewing Web content it is essential to create content that will look great at any screen. According to Lea Hickman, senior director, Creative and Interactive Solutions at Adobe, the HTML5 Pack for Illustrator CS5 helps to successfully deliver graphic content to device, regardless its screen size and performance.

The following is stated in Adobe HTML5 Pack for Illustrator CS5 press release: “The HTML5 Pack for Illustrator provides features that enable users to take advantage of the latest developments in HTML5, CSS3, SVG and Canvas for easy multi-screen authoring. The SVG and Canvas enhancements also simplify interactive web content development. Designed to complement the recently released HTML5 technology release for Dreamweaver, the technology enhances integration between Illustrator and Dreamweaver, making it easier to design and develop with the latest, emerging web standards. Users can also create web widgets with Illustrator by generating dynamic vector art for data-driven web workflows, and map artwork appearance attributes from designer to developer tools by exporting from the Illustrator Appearance Panel to CSS3 for streamlined styling of web pages.”

Adobe Illustrator CS5
The HTML5 Pack for Adobe Illustrator CS5 is a free extension available for Mac OS X and Windows. If you still have not got Adobe Illustrator you can download and install the free trial. Also you may update the application to the latest version – Adobe Illustrator 15.0.1, which fixes several bugs and problems with stability and performance. User guide for Adobe Illustrator CS5 HTML5 Pack is available here.


3 Responses to “Adobe Illustrator CS5 HTML 5 Pack Released”

  1. Jeff says:

    It looks as a clever step for Adobe to extend their support for HTML5. But I wonder why do they begin with Illustrator CS5? I mean Adobe Illustrator may be a great designing app, but there are other apps such as Photoshop or Fireworks that still lack HTML5 support! Wouldn’t it be more logical to make Fireworks CS5 support HTML5 first as long as it is the best Adobe tool for Web design?

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  2. Craig says:

    Sure Adobe Fireworks CS5 and Photoshop CS5 require HTML5 support and hopefully guys at Adobe are working on that, but Illustrator is the only app that supports SVG and its obvious that Illustrator HTML5 support is mainly added for work with SVG.

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  3. JAy_Johnes says:

    Greg Rewis, cool video, as always :) Do I need to upgrade to Adobe Illustrator 15.0.1 to install HTML5 Pack?

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